Thursday, April 9, 2009

Part II: “Blended Families" and Baggage

Rise and shine and meet the day! Smell the coffee sweeties… Baggage… we ALL have BAGGAGE! Unless of course you were fortunate to have perfect parents who never split or argued, who also had perfect parents who never split or argued and each of them had … well you get what I mean. That AND you married, are still with, happy and blissful together the very first person you dated seriously.

So, we all have baggage.

Here’s the thing, we bring this baggage everywhere we go, it begins to mold and shape us into what we are to the world; good and bad. Ultimately, when we go into this new relationship, new family, etc. we view things that this new partner does in the same way that we would have viewed these actions in our previous partner. So if they look a certain direction, sigh a certain way, and so on and so on, we automatically jump to the same reaction we would have given to the other partner. We become impatient, annoyed, and even argumentative. Heaven forbid that this new person have any of the same qualities as the old partner because then … well, it is all going to be amplified to say the least.

How do we handle this? How can one partner bring it to the attention of the other without inciting an argument? Is it impossible to move on in this new relationship yet drop the baggage?

I have no clue. Hell, if I did I’d be one of those so-called experts, Right? HA…

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