Friday, April 10, 2009

Your Car Keys Can Save Your LIfe!!!!!

Did you know that your car keys could one day save your life? Seriously! Want to know how?

Ok, let's all use our imaginations for a moment.

You're leaving KMart late at night. It's dark, with only a few of those lamps in the parking lot. You have your bags of merchandise (you just wiped out their clearance sale on Easter Candy). You're fumbling your way out to your car with the bags and purse, or whatever, and next thing you know, you hear someone moving up quickly behind you. What if he/she is coming to grab you? Hit you and steal your money? What will you do? If you're at all like me, right about now your heart is thumping in your chest.

Well, most of us have a keyring that has a few keys at least. Well, before you even walk out into the lot, take those keys and put one between each finger of one hand. This is as if you're putting knives on your fist. If someone were to try to grab you, you swing and keys will seriously cut like a knife! Not to mention, if someone grabs your purse off of your shoulder, at least you have your car and house keys in your hand already (I speak from personal experience).

Also, a lot of cars have key fobs with alarms on them... If yours does, read on...

Obviously, that alarm button could help with the above scenario if someone were trying to snatch you. But, what if you're walking to your car and slip on ice and are really hurt? Hit that panic button so someone will notice.

And finally...

Keep those keys by your bedside at night. If you hear anything unusual, or someone trying to access your house, hit that panic button! Send that alarm wailing and that potential burglar will want nothing more than to be gone!

I'm sure we can think of more if we try...but how cool is that!!?? To think... My keys could save me!

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