Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Addictions! hooooo....gimme gimme gimme

Morning... I'm blogging from work, sssshhhhh...this should never be attempted boys and girls! Naughty!

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about some of my most recent addictions. Now keep in mind, the majority of my addictions starts with a computer and then moves into the real world.

**Small pat on the back, I smoked for 12 years and have now been smoke free since February 2, 2008**

Moving on... here is one of them ok ladies and gents... this blog rocks and here's why, cuz the writer rocks! Creative, quirky, a punk, diva, mom spirit on a quest! She keeps my ADD afflicted interests so yeah, she's good! Plus, she does all kinds of rockin' good giveaways...see...She's the bestest! TOLD YA SO! Her latest is a cook book...good stuff...

Next is this is such a fun social experiment! One man's trash is TRULY another's treasure! It's been great. I've been able to successfully purge so much unnecessary junk! And let me tell you, I'm a pack rat!!! So this is truly a big deal, and has been really spiritually uplifting! So yeah, that's cool and fun and even makes you feel like you're giving something back to the community. I mean hey, it's better than rotting in the dump right?

Alright, this is the MOST recent addiction Yeah...This one also comes courtesy of Ms. Kylie8cake! (told ya she was cool, she finds all the neato stuff) This is like shopping every craft fair, gypsy stand, flea market, ecclectic, antique store and show all at once! Not to mention, if you're in the market for a unique and heart-felt give...THIS is the place to go! It's amazing...the people are so dang creative! So yeah...Check that one out too...

Don't get me wrong, there's far more to my life... my other addictions are music (music music music music music music), cooking, eating (ugh), driving, decorating, crafting, MOVIES and on and on and on... I have TOO many addictions because you know what...There's not enough time for it all! Ah! I need more time to parent, work, housework AND feed my addictions... Anyone know how?

Ok...whew... gotta come down from the high now... back to real work...sssshhhhhhh

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