Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dumpster Diving! Oh Yeah... We did it...

No joke boys and girls, my dear friend, Kylie Ate Cake (aka K8C), and I went dumpster diving! Why you ask? WHY NOT!?!?!?

Allow me to ellaborate...

First, when I say that "WE" went dumpster diving... well... I am the only one insane enough to actually enter a however, K8C was truly a sport.

Picture if you will, it's dark (we met up around 10 PM), misting rain, and quite chilly in fact. We took K8C's car and headed out for our treasure hunt. I'll tell you what I've learned:

  • All dumpsters are not created equal
  • straddling the top of a dumpster while contemplating your entry does not feel good upon one's crotch-al type areas
  • that according to some (ahem ahem ahem - K8C), every dark place, every train track, and every large box is a sure sign of Hobos. Hobos, in case you did not know are always creepy old men and always out to get you. They apparently are also very stealth in that you must be on the constant look out and wouldn't possibly hear them coming.
  • Big Lots and Ollies truly have the best stuff!
  • We must start noting when trash pick-up is for different locations.
  • Before getting carried away and fishing out everything cool...check the first couple to make sure there's no real reason that they are in the garbage.
  • Not all things slippery in a trash can are yucky...they just are until you realize what they
  • Grocery stores throw away stuff that really is still good!
  • You CAN in fact fish very well with what used to be a broom handle - however - said broom handle cannot handle an industrial garbage back full of granola bars.

All in all, I would dare to say that I had an absolute blast! Here's the take:

  • Granola bars - I haven't counted, but at least 100
  • Mini bottles of shampoo
  • Toy Car
  • Travel coffee mug
  • garbage bags - not used - a torn box of perfect garbage bags
  • ear bud headphones - they work
  • a picture frame - glass in tact, needs one side super glued
  • adorable boys lamp shade
  • Special K bars
  • Cute decorative curtain anchors
  • a really pretty lace curtain - nothing at all wrong with it
  • And, the Creme-de-la-creme - the perfect can with no label!

Check out the pictures!

This is definitly an adventure that I plan on doing again and again...and I hope dearest Kylie 8 Cake will continue to join me!'s a special treat... We have decided that we simply must have a contest! Guess the contents of the mystery can! K8C believes it to be creamed corn and I believe it to be chunked pineapple. Lol. We are a creative pair. Indeed.

What do you win!?!?!?!?!?

$10!! That's TEN DOLLARS!! Ten Buckaroos.... (must have paypal)

To enter they have to guess what is in the can and post your answer here...

If there is more than one right answer, then I'll use to select the winner from all correct answers.

You'll get 1 extra entry each for

1. Follow me

2. follow kylie ate cake4

3. subsribe to kylie ate cake's newsletter

So, come on boys and girls ...Tell me what you think!! I gotta hear from you before 10 PM EST. on March the 31st!

Follow me, get all the points you can and tell me what's in the mystery can!


  1. I say its beans- glad you made it out alive ...where we are they haul your butt off to jail looking in a businesses garbage.

  2. I'll guess Tomatoe soup!

    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

    Janna Johnson

  3. Has to be green beans!

  4. Sounds like you got quite a good stash! Especially the garbage bags! I will guess a can of regular corn.

  5. I will guess that it is canned beans! Your photos and story are making me want to try dumpster diving!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  6. I'll guess fruit cocktail LOL. Good haul! My son would love that lampshade, can't believe they tossed it out.

  7. Wow, brave soul!
    baked beans?
    KawaiiNeko2008 (at) aol (dot) com

  8. I guess a can of corn.
    Possibly cream corn.

  9. I'll make a guess. Green Beans. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  10. Beans of some sort, kidney, pinto, chili? Love all the pics and your haul! congrats! Wish I could get up the guts to try dumpster diving!


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