Sunday, March 8, 2009


Can anyone tell me why the evil seem to prosper? GRRRR

Ok, seriously... I know many ex's, his, yours, mine...whatever. I know an ex who after cheating, pregnancy from cheating, then...THEN... Get's given a brand new, very very nice vehicle after getting the one that they were driving repo'ed... Mind you, the one repo'ed was also in the other spouses name! WHAT? Lol... is that how it's supposed to work?

Another one, ALSO cheats, ALSO ends up in a pregnancy through said cheat... they get to move to a nicer house... they get family that buys them all new household items, furniture, everything. WHAT!?!

so... how does Evil prosper? My dear friends if someone can truly answer that for me, the universe would make sense. Yet...You have those that try to balance, take care of everyone else, take the high road, give, and just genuinely be decent. . . and what do those friends get? Hm, a hard time, being broke, no support, struggles and tears.

Ok Ok ...I swear I don't always want to complain... sometimes ya just gotsta get it out!

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