Thursday, March 12, 2009

TAKEN - WOW Again!

Liam Neeson OWNS this role... He was so believable.

Ok, I don't want to really review it so much as I want to tell you...and you tell the next guy...and the next gal...and then she tells 3 more and so on...that this movie is AMAZING!!!!

Have you seen it? Wow... there's a few key lines in it - that i won't say so i won't ruin - that will just - rock - your - world!!!! Ohh, you just don't know, I want to tell you so badly...but I won't...I just can't!

Grrrr... Anyway... Long story short, every girl in the world wants this guy as her daddy! ALL OF US! I don't care if you hate your dad, your uncle, don't know your dad, you hate men in general...doesn't matter...Just DOES NOT MATTER! We all want this man as our daddy!

So, get this... Did you know that FOX Productions are idiots? AMERICA...They kept this movie from us...this AMAZING movie! They released it almost a full year in Europe before here in the U.S.A.!!! WHAT? Grrr again ladies and gents...Grrrr indeed! Oh...Oh Oh Oh...South America...They came before us too!
Why?!?!? The world *sigh* may never know...

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