Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who are you?

Are you who you think you are? Better yet, are you who other people think that you are? And the bestest question of all is are you who you WANT to be?

I don't know about you, but I can tell you that who I portray to the world is not who I want to be; who I see deep down inside my soul when I look into soul's mirror. I think that the image that I portray is boring... as much so as I am bored with it really. However, I feel as though I'm trapped by how things "Should" I should look for work...should be to attract the right kind of boyfriend or friends...How I should look to gain respect...How a mom should be and look... I'm SHOULDING myself into an early grave!

So, that's the question...are you shoulding all over yourself? Who are you and who do you portray?

With me, I portray the mom, the typical one at that minus the doting husband because well, he decided to stick his dote somewhere else...LOL. I am the girl next door, the "normal" girl, the blah blah blah...You see where I am going? The 21st century mom, employee, etc.

Who am I really and who do I WISH I could be? Wow... I want to have a lot of different tattoos-not random, no, but I already have it all laid out! I have one now.... I want to have more piercings... I currently have 7, and there are about 7 more that I'd like and for the most part...I can't... purely because of the image that employee me has to portray. UGH! I want to be me... I'm artistic and creative, I love to cook, and be down right silly and make no sense. I want to be different but ....
I wish I could toughen myself up, do Tae Bo, become a vegetarian. I think I lack real convictions. I want to do it all, save it all, be it all... and yet...I don't have a clue who I am...Lol...Should I not know that by now? Really? Do you know? Who are you? <--- can this help? Lol, How about

Who knows...but if you find that answer....dude! Lemme Know!

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