Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One of "Those" days...

It's one of those days... we hear that expression all the time and we all have our own definitions.

The bracelet you see here is for Leukemia awareness.

Now just a couple of years ago, I wouldn't have even known how to spell Leukemia with any certainty. Now, I can spout off terms, diagnosis, side-effects, medications, and so on with ease.

My son had always been the picture of health until this diagnosis.

Today is no different than any other day while living with Leukemia, but today seems to be hitting me particularly hard. For a while now his liver function tests have been elevated. It's killing me because I feel as though I am killing my child with the cure! Seriously speaking, most of what he's taking are poisons and he still has so much more to go... how does a mommy handle that?

For instance, these "medications" affect the brain, kidneys, bladder, liver, heart...EVERYTHING. We're talking life-long side effects here people. LIFE LONG.


How is it, how can it be that this nation- - - supposedly the most powerful nation - - - is also the most selfish!?!?!

We can invest money and spend money to make "her" boobs bigger, lips more plump, stomach flat, or "his" johnson larger, wrinkles reduced...

We can spend money on vehicles too large and further pollute our planet, we can find ways to make unripened fruits and veggies "look" good and taste horrible and lost all nutritional value.

We spend tons on new... NEW...NEW Houses, clothes, shoes, cars, etc...just to replace ones that are already there and work just fine.

Yet, in this land of plenty, of over-indulgence, of excess... we can't cure cancer...not really... at least not without poisoning those already sufferring from it. When can we finally focus on healing cancer patients without taking them to the verge of death and ruining the rest of their lives?

Just a thought... $5.2 billion was spent on cancer research...in the same year... over $13 billion spent on unnecessary cosmetic surgery. Chew on that a moment while imagining it was your child and not mine.

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  1. It's not that we can't find a cure, there is no money in it. I mean look at Magic Johnson, sure He has AIDS, but if he didn't have money do you really think he would be still alive. As long as there is monwy to be made there will always be fatal illnesses.


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