Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bitten By the Bug!

Good morning! Do you know why it's good? Cuz I feel oh so accomplished! This picture is of a cute little cappie I made just last night!

Now, it's not done, and I plan to embellish it with a few crocheted flowers.

So, it's the crafting bug! I haven't done this stuff in 15 years or more! My plan is to (hopefully) do more and sell my crafts. Etsy is the goal, but you need money to make money so that will be a while!

I have a few friends with adorable little girls who can hopefully model for my accessories... and I'll be sure to include the boys too! Hopefully to come are some onesies, hats, and I don't even know what else! I'm just so excited!

This is me...being a geek...

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