Sunday, March 8, 2009


To all who came in pursuit of weight loss suggestions... sorry for the misleading title, we're not discussing that type of purge here.

I seriously think my life is a slow decent into insanity... and maybe I just don't know it. One of those surreal maybe my life is just someone else's dream kinds of things.

Anyway, I'm on a mission to learn new things everyday. Actually, it's one of my many missions. See, I'm, well, Uh... I'm:
  • a pack rat
  • an educator
  • a pupil
  • an artist
  • writer
  • poet
  • musician

I go in too many different directions at once and can't seem to get where I want to go...and I dare to wonder why. HA...

So...back to the REAL topic, or title as it were...I'm PURGING!

This is a cycle that I go through fairly frequently. As much as I seemingly enjoy accumilating "stuff" I seem to gain equal enjoyment from the act of giving it away...and occasionally even turning a small profit. You see, these cycles seem to be something that I NEED to do...It's a driving force within me to get LESS stuff in my home. I get into an almost zen type of Fung Shei, minimalist type of person... an alter ego to my pack rat? Hmmm... Possibly.

Anyway, Recently, I've managed to give away a lot. Some people are shocked at what I give away, but all I can do is believe that God will provide...whichever god you choose. I believe in Karma... so, In that belief I will continue to put "things" out there for those who will end up needing it and have faith that when I have a need, the universe will somehow supply it.

What do you believe?

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