Friday, March 13, 2009

A Mother's Guilt

Seriously speaking, I am many things in my life... some make sense and most don't, however, before anything and everything else...I AM A MOM.

Have you heard of Mother's Guilt? Thanks to women's lib, women today have more to be "strong" for than ever before. Truly, I think it's getting even harder every day. More and more, traditional roles are greyed.

Please, Do not mis-understand me...I am all for the working mom, the right to wear the skirt or the pants in my family. However, for most people there are still some basic beliefs that are so ingrained it's taking longer to change. Longer than the push of women doing it all is taking.
Anyway, with all this, a mother's guilt is even worse. Mom has always had guilt. It's are we doing enough, loving enough, teaching enough...etc. However, today it's much worse. Have I left them alone too much, at daycare too long, too many activities, not enough activities, was the dinner I made healthy enough, did I clean the floor good enough, are their clothes good enough, should I be making more money, should I quit, are my benefits good enough... trust could go on and on and on and on and on...
Now...if you get the unique (though not so rare any longer) privilege of being a single mother...WHOA...Watch out! Because you will have guilt like no other! It's never ending and to be honest...sometimes completely irrational!
I can tell you from personal experience, if you have the "father" involved, whatever the situation, he will find a way to make it even worse. When he is done with you, the hole in the ozone, Holocaust, seal clubbing, oil dependency, trans-fats, cancer AND the stain on your son's jacket will all be your fault!
I know I make a joke here...but Guys... cut (some) of us a break... and ladies... try to find someone you trust to lean on. I for one have only the choice to do what I can... and try.

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